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Engineering Solution

UEMS features a broad range of engineering design services, in addition to superior electronic manufacturing services. UEMS maintains the following business philosophies:

  • The customer comes first.
  • Quality is a way of doing business.
  • Provide the best prices for the products and services offered.
  • Meet deliveries and milestones on schedule.
  • Service providers must be flexible to meet a diverse variety of customer needs.
  • When choosing a manufacturing provider, one must ask themselves are my development interests a priority? Will this EMS company reflect the quality of my company's expectations? Will I get a good price to keep my product competitive? Will the product be developed and delivered on schedule to keep my customers pleased? Is this EMS provider flexible to meet my company's business needs? When choosing UEMS, the answer is YES.

    Requirements and Project Organization

    UEMS will work strategically with your development team to understand the requirements of your developing project. Our development system is vertically integrated for efficiency and quality. Your project will be assigned a coordinating field application engineer (FAE) for real-time localized communications. Abroad, your project will be assigned a qualified project team with an experienced project manager. Your localized FAE will coordinate requirements to your project team and organize a project timeline to meet target milestones to develop on time.

    Hardware Design

    Your system design will be developed to meet all requirements for performance, quality, cost, and availability. Our international project teams have maintained relationships with many chipset manufacturers to get great pricing and develop to great performance and quality. Our project teams have developed many products in communications and PC applications, and are familiar with most standards and protocols. Your hardware design will be designed to meet or exceed your level of commercial, military, or medical qualification.

    PCB Design

    We design your electronic assemblies to meet your mechanical and material specifications. We also design a quality layout to meet production and qualification standards. As a manufacturer, we can design to production strengths and to reduce manual labor to meet your costs. Our mass production equipment is capable of many materials, component types, and packaging sizes. We can design a uniform set of electronic production files, with no fear of duplicating efforts or costs by using multiple service providers.

    Mechanical Design

    Your mechanical requirements will be designed to your requirements keeping your PCB design in account. Your design will be developed using your specifications, qualification standards, and to a high level of quality. UEMS maintains a China facility for injection plastics and finishing services, but is also experienced with many metals for chassis, brackets, bezels, or enclosures.

    Firmware and Software Designs

    Your firmware and embedded programming needs can be addressed by the same team that designed your hardware. Our familiarity with communication standards, chipsets, and protocols is broad and will meet your level of documentation and quality. We are experienced with software designs. Your object oriented programming standard can be utilized for a quality, user-friendly, easy-to-use, and to meet your defined level of complexity for your target users.

    Integration and Testing

    Integrating multiple development efforts in all of these areas of design is when a product is born. We design for integration and based on our past 15 years of international product manufacturing. After integration, testing ensures quality, reliability, performance, and verification of all specifications. We can make any necessary adjustments and gear for your pre-production requirements.

    Compliance Testing and Manufacturing Test Design

    After your approval and satisfaction, your product prototypes will be sent for qualification testing based on the standards that you specified. In addition, we will prepare hardware designs to test your mass production manufacturing needs. As your product designing partner, we will be prepared to develop the systems and procedures, with a full understanding of the product in mind.

    At this point, your product will be ready for the market and for your production needs. We can gear up our facilities and your component suppliers for your needs. We prepare to deliver your product to specification on time.